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Do you need a reading about your current carrer or even your life purpose? This general reading is going to reaffirm what you already know and provide insight on what you need to realize about what is going on in your current reality.

Hi! My name is Lauren, a claircognizant tarot reader and guide. I channel messages and questions in this general reading, such as:


"Why am I going through financial trouble right now?"


"What should my next steps be for work?"


"What blockages am I not seeing?"


In this reading you can expect:

  • A 10-12 minute video recording sent via email as a google drive link

  • Confirming signs about your current energy

  • Next steps on what the divine wants you to realize about your current reality


Expect your reading in…

  • 2-5 business days (refer to business hours below)

For the quality of readings, I only do a certain number of readings a day.


When booking a reading, please write in the “My Information” box

  • Your name 

  • Your Person’s name (if applicable)

  • 1-2 questions that you want the reading to focus on (if you do not have any specific questions I will pick up on any energy that comes forward for you)

  • Email address you want the reading sent to (if I do not have an email or way to contact you I will not be able to send the reading)


For any questions, please email me at:


Note: Since I have to list this as a "physical product" there is a shipping cost of $5. The original price is $30, so to equate for the "shipping," I have reduced the reading price to $25. In other words, the reading is still going to be $30.

Detailed General Reading

  • I do not answer pregnancy questions or any questions related to current court cases. Energy is fluid and ever changing, so I do not offer specific dates or times that events will transpire. Each reading will vary for the individual purchasing, as well as the delivery time (please refer to “expect your reading in…” above). This reading is intended for the person purchasing and will only be sent to that person, however once you receive your reading it is yours to share. Each video is going to be in my drive for 10 days from delivery (each reading is marked by date), if you wish to keep the reading be sure to download it.

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