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This mini reading is perfect for those looking for quick guidance and clarity about a specific topic or question. This mini reading can cover any topic of your choice: love, career, life path, spiritual/diety work.


What can you expect?

This mini reading is going to be in the form of an email response of about 1-2 paragraphs. I will be channeling the energy of the reading for 5 minutes and convey that message to you via email.


When will you receive your reading?

You can expect your reading in 24-48 hours. Sometimes emails can go to spam, so if you do not receive your reading within the time frame please email me.


What do I need to include?

In the "Custom Text Field" please include your name, the topic/question you would like clarity on. Please also include the Email address you want the reading sent to (if it is different from the one provided at purchase).


Hi my name is Lauren. I have been feeling like there's something the divine wants me to know, but I'm not sure what it is. Please let me know with any advice.


For any questions, please email me at:


Note: Since I have to list this as a "physical product" there is a shipping cost of $5. The original price is $8, so to equate for the "shipping," I have reduced the reading price to $3. In other words, the reading is still going to be $8.

Mini Tarot Reading (Email)

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